and culture

together we are hystrix

at hystrix, we create an environment together where we all contribute our talents and get excited about change. Everyone is open to learning from each other, provides feedback and takes responsibility. Each team member has his or her task to fulfil, and in this way we create an environment in which we drive each other to perform at our best. We live our values as colleagues, pursue our vision together and are passionate team players. No one takes themselves too seriously and together we celebrate our successes.

our team

meet us

Platinn & Innosuisse Coach

Dr. Heiko Visarius

lead UX | graphic designer

Anna Bremer

finance admin

Maria Eddison

web application developer

Stefan Spasojcevic

CFO | co-founder

Jonathan Campbell

legal counsel

Svenja Hügli

web application developer

Leila Ouederni

web application developer

Brigan Enser

business developer | marketing

Luca Brand

web application developer

Yue Xu

CEO | founder

Philippe Hügli

CTO | co-founder

Roman Eminger

who we are

our core values


backed by

Heiko Trautwein

entrepreneur, investor and scale-up coach

Florian Teuteberg

founder and CEO of Digitec Galaxus, Seed Investor and Advisor to hystrix medical

Stephan Essi-Fischer

serial entrepreneur & investor in early stage startups

Erich Platzer

venture Capital and Angel Investor in Life Sciences

Hans-Peter Güllich

CEO Dydon AG, Serial entrepreneur and early stage investor

Patrick Wegmann

serial entrepreneur and investor in early-stage technology startups

investor relations

shaping together with leading investors the future of healthcare eCommerce

trust in quality

hystrix medical made in Switzerland

Quality developed, designed and manufactured in Switzerland. The hystrix medical platform is hosted on Swiss servers and offers the highest level of data security. hystrix medical does not manage or own sensitive individual patient data.

At the heart of an innovation like the hystrix medical platform is the exchange of knowledge and the integration of competencies. The innovation dynamics that characterise hystrix medical can only be achieved and maintained through collaboration in an interdisciplinary network of experts from the fields of product development, research and business development.

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