Source-to-Contract (S2C)

Managing medical procurement can be time-consuming and costly due to scattered information. Our solution centralizes data from strategic sourcing to fulfillment tracking. Joining hystrix and using our “Source-to-Contract” offer streamlines the process, allowing users to make informed decisions efficiently and cost-effectively.

S2C at hystrix
Digital Source-to-Contract solutions covered by hystrix to unlock efficiency within the procurement lifecycle

How does the user benefit?

In addition to the advantages of transitioning procurement procedures almost entirely from manual to digital methods, becoming a part of hystrix brings additional tangible benefits.

Substantial Cost Savings
Hospitals utilising hystrix have experienced an average material cost reduction of 7-11% in the “B and C” product portfolios, contributing directly to an improved EBIT margin from the hospital.

Significant Time Savings
The platform has demonstrated the ability to streamline processes, resulting in time savings of up to 65% on the procurement of both medical and non-medical “B & C” articles, allowing for more effective utilisation of procurement team time in negotiating effectively with “A” suppliers.

Simplified Product Comparison
hystrix offers an intuitive platform for comparing exact product article prices and conditions across domestic sellers, original manufacturers, and parallel importers, ensuring informed decision-making based on both cost and quality.

Supplier Evaluation and Selection
hystrix supports engaging with trusted partners within the domestic healthcare industry, ensuring existing suppliers already work with at least one domestic healthcare provider.

Efficient Contract Fulfilment Tracking
hystrix features a robust tool to monitor contract fulfilment levels versus contracted quantities, ensuring seamless procurement and delivery processes as well as fast and convenient contract extensions and repeat negotiations.

Discover Effective Alternatives
Leverage the power of hystrix to discover alternative products that have been peer-approved or specifically mentioned by suppliers as appropriate alternatives to competitor products.

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