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Being present and visible in the market throughout Switzerland is crucial for sales, but very complicated and challenging for resource planning in an SME. In addition, in the current phase of uncertain delivery times and sometimes acute shortages of raw materials, we at Krieger Arzt- und Spitalbedarf GmbH see ourselves forced to build up higher stocks – without, however, having the certainty that we will be able to sell the higher stocks within a reasonable period of time. More and more customers are demanding detailed product information, documents and certificates that can be consulted within the shortest possible time. Sending all this information by e-mail robs us of valuable time in sales.

Raphael Krieger

Managing Director / Owner
KRIEGER Arzt- und Spitalbedarf GmbH

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hystrix supports us in making our entire product range visible to our customers at all times – which also helps us to acquire new customers. In our company profile, we manage all products and the associated information, which is thus made easily accessible to all interested parties. Requests for quotations can be viewed immediately and clearly. The creation of attractive offers is very intuitive and the transfer into binding contracts gives us the ability to plan for production and warehouse forecasts and ultimately also for our sales. We recognised the very valuable added value of the cooperation right from the first contact with hystrix. As a team, we unanimously decided to register with hystrix as soon as possible and to inform as many of our customers as possible about hystrix and its advantages for both sides.

Raphael Krieger

Managing Director / Owner
KRIEGER Arzt- und Spitalbedarf GmbH

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monitor existing contracts and fulfillment rates.
Proactively renew your contracts to lock-in quantity committments



assess sales figures and marketshares across your portfolio. Easily analyse your blind spots



the full carefree package. Connect your ERP system to ensure your data is always up to date


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0% transaction fees


3% transaction fees

after free trial period on the net sales price (excl. VAT) of contracted products only

from October 2022

mix of transaction and subscription fees to be payable. More details to be shared in Summer 2022

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