frequently asked questions

Rest assured, the hystrix platform is specifically tailored for products that are regularly purchased by buyers, minimizing the need for protracted negotiations. These products hold limited value-add in extended bargaining processes. Additionally, hystrix seamlessly interfaces with procurement at the buyer organization and not with critical decision-makers like doctors, which means that the relationships sales professionals have with their decision-making counterparts are not interrupted.

Contrary to losing the personalized connection, hystrix actually enhances direct lines of communication between procurers and sellers. Our integrated chat functionality facilitates continuous communication throughout the negotiation and contracting process. Moreover, the platform ensures enhanced security with Two-Factor Authentication, guaranteeing that every interaction is with a specifically named person.

Clients consistently share their positive experiences, affirming that hystrix surprisingly fosters improved communication on both sides. By using hystrix, you can confidently strengthen your connections with buyers and sellers, streamlining the procurement process while maintaining personalized engagement.

In the case of an offer request, healthcare providers can choose whether to reveal their identity to suppliers or remain anonymous. Based on experience, suppliers tend to be more responsive and create more appealing packages when the procuring party makes itself visible. Currently, the majority of procuring users opt for visibility.

Any supplier introduced by a participating buyer can list products for contracting on hystrix. We maintain a neutral stance and do not favor any specific supplier. If original manufacturers are not inclined to list products on hystrix, we proactively request their products be listed by other platform participants, ensuring that buyers can find and contract the products they need.

Each organization designates appropriate users who have the authority to undertake the contracting process on hystrix on their behalf. These users are granted the necessary permissions accordingly. Organizations are responsible for managing and updating hystrix with user logins, ensuring smooth access for authorized personnel and promptly updating user information when needed.

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